Our ministry is to spread the merciful love of Jesus to the world by our lives and actions, using all the talents God has given us, for example: music, painting, poetry, writing, dance, videos, television, radio and newspapers.
Who do we minister to? Anyone the Lord leads us to. It may be a next door neighbour, it may be someone sitting at the bus stop with us, it may be a homeless beggar looking for spare change, it may be a woman who works as a sex trade worker in need of true love and the merciful presence of Christ in her life, it may be an old man or woman who is lonely and in need of a visitor.
The important thing is to be a vessel of God's healing and merciful love to everyone we meet. We are all unique and have different talents and charisms. Some have a gift of evangelism, others are gifted musically. Whatever our giftings, we are called by the Lord to use them in faith, trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

At all times we are to seek God's will and do it, no matter what the cost. We are to discern God's will through Scripture, personal prayer, the church, the circumstances of our lives and the gentle voice of Jesus, our Good Shepherd who knows us each by name and speaks to us personallly.

We are to minister with simplicity: avoiding futile and empty arguments, simply proclaiming the truth with love and praying for peoples spiritual, physical and emotional needs. We are to live lives of prayer at all times, especially prayer from the heart. We are to trust in Jesus always and everywhere and place all our cares in his merciful Heart. Finally, we must be humble, seeking not our own glory but the glory of God, our Almighty Father. Apart from Jesus, we can do nothing. All is a gift. 

Joy should be a constant quality of our lives, even joy in the midst of suffering, persecution and pain. We rejoice because, in Jesus, we have been redeemed, sanctified, and given new and everlasting life, and most of all, we know we are loved by Him. The cross of Christ and his merciful heart, as seen on our logo, must always be central in our life and ministry, for it is by his cross that He has redeemed the world and it was out of his wounded heart that Blood and water flowed out, the fountain of mercy for the whole world.       
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We offer the following types of ministry:

Music Ministry

  • Acoustic concerts with an inspirational talk and musical prayer gatherings, prayer ministry. 

  • Divine Mercy concerts with viewing and veneration of a large Image of Divine Mercy blessed by Pope John Paul II as well as a relic of St. Faustina Kowalska (a piece of her habit), the Apostle of Divine Mercy and Eucharistic adoration. 

Street Evangelization

Missionaries of Merciful Love
God's Will, Simplicity, Prayer