Christ is our life. Jesus said, "I am the way, truth and life." Jesus also teaches us: "I am the vine, you are the branches . . . Abide in me." Our way of life can be summed up in twelve brief sentences:

    1.    Be consumed by the merciful love of God.
    2.    Love Jesus with a burning love.
    3.    Show merciful love to others.
    4.    Do God's will joyfully.
    5.    Be simple.
    6.    Pray always from the heart.
    7.    Trust in Jesus totally.
    8.    Be humble
    9.    Desire and strive for holiness.
    10.  Constantly be led by the Holy Spirit.
    11.  Use the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the charismatic gifts.
    12.  Spread the good news of salvation in Jesus.

Way of Life for the Missionaries of Merciful Love 
Mission Statement of the Missionaries of Merciful Love
"Our mission is to joyfully proclaim the name and message of Jesus in every way imaginable as instruments of God's merciful love for the world".
Pete and Cyndie Mason

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The founder of the Missionaries of Merciful Love, Pete Mason, was a member of the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) for twenty two years and, as such, the Rule of Life of the MML is greatly influenced by the Secular Franciscan Rule, while adding the elements of the Divine Mercy message, Catholic charismatic spirituality and the spiritual vision of St. Therese of Liseux, the Little Flower.  
Missionaries of Merciful Love 
Members Duties

The following is a list of the Missionaries of Merciful Love member's duties.  This is a general guideline of how we wish to live out our vocation.  Of course, nobody is perfect and we all fall short of this list from time to time.  There is no need to feel guilty if we are not perfect nor is there room for pride when we attain this. This is simply a guideline to follow.  God is a God of mercy. Remember to show mercy to yourself as well as to others.  

1.    Read a passage from the Bible and pray DAILY. Include at        least 5 minutes of contemplative prayer. (meditating on a        Scripture verse).

2.    Attend Mass REGULARLY.

3.    Read the DAILY reading from the book “A Year of Merciful        Love" and/or a passage from the Diary of St. Faustina.

4.    Pray the Chaplet of Mercy DAILY.   (The hour of mercy, 
       p.m. is suggested.

5.     Make a holy hour of Eucharistic adoration ONCE A WEEK if         possible.

6.    Fast at least ONCE A WEEK. Any kind of fast for any amount        of time. Bread and water on Wednesday and Friday is         suggested.

7.    Try to do at least one act of merciful love ONCE A WEEK.

8.    Attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation REGULARLY.  

9.    Go on a MONTHLY retreat anywhere for any length of time. A        silent retreat is recommended for all or a portion of the        retreat.

10.   Attend the Missionaries of Merciful Love MONTHLY meeting         in your area.  The suggested time is on the first Sunday of         the month at 3 p.m.  If  there is no MML group in your area or         can’t attend the meeting, you can follow the MML Meeting             format by yourself at this time.
Missionaries of Merciful Love
God's Will, Simplicity, Prayer
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